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Sussex University students hit the hill for some outdoor volunteering.

During my visit to the South East I spent a good amount of time at Saddlecombe Farm, a charming National Trust property outside Brighton. There I met so many wonderful and committed people including senior warden Graham Wellfare who kindly invited me along to a volunteering project he had arranged at Fulking. And what a breath of […]

Are we losing touch with the Outdoors? Rob Sayers of Active Outdoors tackles the question…

Next my Outdoor Nation journey takes me to the South East. Over the next week I will be uploading all of my adventures in the area however to kick start my South East week with a fascinating blog post written by Rob Sayers from Kent who runs a fantastic website Active Outdoors provides ideas, […]

GP Dr William Bird tells us why the outdoors is so good for us!

A few weeks ago I met up with GP and Strategic Health Advisor Dr William Bird to discuss the importance of the outdoors in our lives today. I asked Dr Bird some tricky questions about the real health benefits, what more the National Trust can do and the role of a GP in helping reconnect people […]

A truly multi-sensory experience: Hive Beach Cafe: Burton Bradstock

For those of you that watched my Jurassic Coast videos, here is an extra little treat, an interview with Graham rom the award winning Hive Beach Cafe: Burton Bradstock. I can say, from personal experience, the food at the Hive Beach Cafe is fantastical, and came as a welcome break halfway through my action packed […]

The Jurassic Coast: Time well spent…

Episode 2 & 3 Meet Ben Dames, National Trust offsite recruiter. Ben spends most of his time cruising the Jurassic coast showcasing what’s on offer in the area. Like me Ben has a camper van and when we met at the outdoors show he invited me to his neck of the woods to show me […]

Forest playtrails. . .designed by the experts themselves: The Kids!

Next my journey takes me to Dorset and the beautiful Jurassic Coast. I met so many wonderful people and heard about so many fantastic projects I’ve had to cut them up into a series believe it or not! Episode 1: Meet Hayley Dorrington, the careership warden at the Golden Cap Estate. Hayley has been on […]

Let’s get outdoors this half term!

Half term is upon us and in true roaming reporter style I was due to visit the National Trust’s Killerton Estate, just outside Exeter, on Saturday for the launch of a new 5km family cycle trail, developed in partnership between the National Trust and the County Council Leisure Cycling Project. The launch of the cycle […]

A pint, a walk and some good honest outdoor time…

Yesterday I travelled down to Wembury, South Devon to meet the lovely Lorna Sherriff a National Trust Ranger for the area. In her email Lorna suggested we meet in a pub, The Eddystone Inn to be precise, for a drink. . . . this sounded like a promising trip indeed! As you can imagine my […]

Leigh Woods: The Perfect Urban Getaway?

In my Bristol interviews it was clear that the local young people are keen to find an outdoor ‘chill out’ spot to socialise with their friend, that isn’t too far out of the city centre and easy to get to. I think I’ve found the perfect place: Leigh Woods on the south-west side of the […]

‘Entertainment…something to do…a place to hang out’ is the message from ‘the youth’

As many of you will know from my last blog post, I am officially mobile, thanks to my trusty VW Campervan and I’ve decided to head south. I’ll be interviewing everyone and anyone along the way to find out if we really are losing touch with the outdoors, and if so, what we can do about it? […]


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